The Notion That Doctors Are Infallible Needs to Be Broken

Saturday, 15 Jun, 6.10 pm

An oft-encountered phrase in medical school is the principle foundation of what it means to be a doctor: Primum non nocere (first, do no harm).

This tenet has been the unstated motto of the 'Save the Saviours' movement in medical college campuses around Kolkata.

The only caveat is that it now urges non-maleficence to be maintained by the patients. Given the recent surge of violence against doctors, it is the need of the hour for practicing doctors.

The brutal attack on Paribaha Mukherjee, an intern in Nil Ratan Sarkar Medical College, Kolkata, on the night of June 10, followed by the pelting of stones at students and doctors in Burdwan Medical College , reiterates the issue of safety in the workplace for doctors.